Frp Manhole Cover (DIN ID)

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  • Manufactured to conform to DIN and PS 15-69.
  • 1 C-veil (30g/m2) + 2 Mat (450g/m2) 2.5mm (100 mil) resin rich corrosion liner.
  • Hand layup, integral type construction, woven roving used continuously from flange face to hub.
  • Uniform external surface and stub outside diameter stub end surface prepared for immediate bonding.
  • Bolt holes of drilled flanges are spot-faced and coated with resin.
  • Available in Vinyl Ester Resin, Derakane Momentum 411-350, 470-300 & Basic Vinyl Ester. Supply using other resin systems possible.
  • MEKP cure system.



DIN Standard. (unit:mm)

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