FRP Pipe Fitting Production Video

Interland Company Ltd. started its industrial composites business supplying piping systems to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for its geothermal power plant projects in the Philippines in the early '80s. More than two decades later, the piping systems Interland has installed still remains in operation.

Interland has since diversified from piping systems supply and now manufactures a wide array of composites products for the automotive, chemical, food and drug, waste treatment, and power industries, to name a few.

With its manufacturing base in Xiamen, China, specializing in labor-intensive product fabrication and with its flexible manufacturing set-up, Interland is able to work with clients, mostly composites manufacturers themselves, with the objective of completing orders cost effectively, on time, and with the highest quality.

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Seamless FRP Pipe Fittings & Spools
      • Flanges
      • Manholes
      • Elbows
      • Tees, Reducers, Laterals
      • Couplings
Pipes and Ducts
Dual Laminates
Composite Tooling
Custom-made Products

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